Tuesday, May 15th, 2018.

By Lauren Wilson

Launching; Local Cafe Templates

Because we love our coffee so much/

have caffeine addictions.

At Pixel Together, it's only natural that we're coffee and brunch afficionadoes. We are also super keen to work with our local (and global) cafe communities. Coming from someone who has worked in cafes since I was 16, I know that having a work/life balance as a cafe owner can be very challenging. So. I've designed three appetising and varied templates specifically for your cafe, so you can get your new website up and running before you have time to say "coffee up!" Using them as a starting point, you'll be able to add, tweak and manage everything as you like. Your menu can either be added as a PDF (super easy!) or slotted into our already laid out templates.

Or on the other hand, if you're wanting a custom design, get in touch here and we can get you online, in your own vibe - within days.

So we are pretty proud of the truly design-focused website builder we have created from Australia. We also love our Melbourne HQ, with an office situated smack bang in the middle of Fitzroy, with a long history as the hub of so much creativity, art, design, photography, and best of all, cafes. 

Melbourne’s café culture is second to none and growing every day. Us Melbournians are so spoilt for choice, we are possibly the fussiest group of cafe-perusers on this planet. No almond milk? No deal. No corn fritters? Next place. Owning a café in Melbourne can be a tough gig, but get it right and you could be running the next 'Higher Ground'. 

There are a few key things that make for a perfect café, at least for me. It needs to have smooth but strong coffee, a fresh and seasonal menu with vegetarian options, an atmosphere and vibe that makes even the most introverted person feel at home and of course, a vibrant courtyard that is ideal for a morning Bloody Mary in the sun. (I wish this was an exaggeration      ). 

However, if you can put this all together, you'll be in the running for a very competitive Melbourne café. 


Lead Designer

Lauren Wilson


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